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Heritage Foundation of Seven Tower

The Heritage Foundation of the Seven Towers was a non-governmental foundation that began its cultural, sporting and tourism activities in 2016.

History of the Heritage Foundation of Seven Tower of Persia:

In April, 2017, one of the villagers decided to change the cultural situation as well as employment of the village and within 2 months, 152 foreign tourists have visited the pigeon towers of the village, which in their type both in terms of age and in terms of The beauty was a special place .in view of the employment of some people in the field of handicrafts and services, it was decided to set up a purposeful, coherent and knowledge-based collection in the village.

Objectives of the Heritage Foundation of Seven Tower of Persia:

In order to facilitate the development of rural tourism, it decided to establish a fundamental human foundation under the name of the Heritage Foundation of Seven Towers. Because of the infrastructure and development services, as well as attracting investors from the existing human resources in the village and the city, the problem of unemployment is somewhat overcome. The fund is responsible for attracting capital to promote tourism infrastructure, cooperate with competent authorities in tourism, interacting with the marketing of foreign tourists through travel agencies and creating a comprehensive rural tourism base. The goals of the Foundation of the Seven Towers of the Houyeh Village are as follows:

۱٫ Introduction of historical monuments of the village of Houyeh, both nationally and internationally

۲- Income generation for villagers through:

– Creating direct employment in the discussion of the arrival of foreign tourists for the dear village youth

– Increasing the production of handicraft villages and selling them to foreign tourists

– Increase and create home-based businesses for the well-being of tourists to the countryside

– Increased production in agriculture, livestock, transport and all affiliated industries due to the arrival of the tourist to the village

– Increasing texture and production of silk, wool and also nomad carpets

– Provision and distribution of tourists’ meals in local houses with local and rural dishes

۳- Increasing the cultural and scientific level of the village

۴٫ Establishing a village heritage site and acquiring foreign tourists after obtaining the necessary permits

۵- Setting up a dormitory residence in one of the old village houses

۶٫ Cooperation and allocation of funds for the establishment of Zurkhaneh village

۷- Making Museum of Natural History, Art and Painting as well as Village Anthropology

۸٫ Preparation of recreational sports, including archery for foreign tourists

۹٫ Increase the green space of the village due to its proximity to the Zayandeh Rud River